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Welcome to Gaming Scotland

Gaming Scotland is a friendly LAN party community based in Scotland. We formed from the ashes of Gumpcom, which was Scotlands largest LAN association with more than 850 members. When Gumpcom closed down a few members of staff decided to go solo and here we are! The scottish LAN gaming will live on through us! Our dedicated staff team have a varying fields of expertise, from running dedicated game servers to installing hardware, and much more.

We run regular LAN parties in Glasgow every 2-3 months currently catering for around 20 people. With the occasional 60+ player events at the Dobbie Hall in Larbert!

At Gaming Scotland we will be hosting a range of unique features designed to give you the best LAN experience. We've got a high-speed, fully Gigabit network with numerous dedicated game servers tweaked to give you the lowest ping possible; a fully dynamic intranet with game server information, caffeine meters, shoutboxes and tournament management screens; a custom-designed, super-safe power system built with armoured cable; and lots, lots more!

Now you've read our spiel, why wait? Join now and become part of Scotland's premier LAN community today!