Who we are

Gaming Scotland is one of Scotlands oldest and most notable LAN party events based in Central Scotland along with a large online community.

We formed in 2010 after the closure of Scotlands largest gaming community and LAN party event Gumpcom. After the Gumpcom shut its doors some of the staff members decided to create a new LAN party to continue the fun with their varying fields of expertise and experience.

Over the years staff members have come and gone but we still thrive at the heart of Gaming Scotland, that’s why in 2020 after ten years of operating we launched Gaming Scotland V2.0 – a whole new era is upon us, with that brings a lot more change. Our LAN parties aim to run at least three times a year, with our largest even at the Dobbie Hall in Larbert seating up to 96 players in August and two of our smaller events at Burnside Scout Hall in Glasgow seating 24 players normally with one at the start of the year and one towards the end of the year.

We don't just do LAN parties...

We're not only a LAN party organisation, but we're also a gaming community at heart. When we aren't at the Dobbie Hall or Burnside Scout Hall we organise gaming nights on our Discord server, Facebook page, Steam group and Twitter account, which we try to do at a minimum of every two weeks, these always vary in games too and if you want to play something specific just let us know and we can organise it! Even when there aren't game nights running you'll always find some people to play with, if there isn't anyone on then feel free to drop a message asking to play something.

If you want to get involved within the community then why not check us out on all our social media platforms that are linked in the header above!

Our aim

Our aim isn't to become the biggest or greatest LAN party in Scotland. We aim to become the biggest and most welcome gaming community which links all other gaming organisations together, be it; esports, other LAN party events or anything gaming related.

We're going to build it and we need you to be involved too!

Gaming Scotland V2 : Ascension

2020 is our new era. Our year of Ascension.

With a new decade and ten years behind us comes a fully new, fully different LAN Party. Our new era begins with our new site launch. Our new LAN experience launches in 2021.