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Guidelines for Moderators
Sanctions for Inappropriate Behavior
Website, Forum and IRC Rules
Trade Forum Rules
Signature and Avatar Rules
Event Rules


It is impossible to cover all bases when writing rules. The following rules should be used as guidelines when contributing content to the Gaming Scotland website and forums. As such, moderators can enforce sanctions when they deem your contributions to the community as 'inappropriate'. In short, this means you can receive a warning, suspension or a ban even if the offence you are being held to account for is not included in this list of rules.

However, every warning, suspension and ban is discussed between all moderators, thus you will not be subject to disciplinary action unless agreed by the group of moderators.

Likewise, the rules below are flexible. We're not fascist overlords and we like to keep the Gaming Scotland website a fun and light-hearted place. Unless you continually break the rules, you are unlikely to find yourself suspended or banned.

Guidelines for Gaming Scotland Moderators

Gaming Scotland Moderators use the following guidelines in conjunction with the rules below to keep the community running smoothly.

Editing of a forum post

If an individual user post has been edited by a moderator, you should expect to see a message from the mod in their designated moderator colour, or have received an explanation via PM. If you think your post has been modified, and you have not received an explanation by either of these methods, you are within your rights to ask for one, preferably by sending a PM to any moderator.

Locking of a forum thread / topic

If a forum thread has been locked, there should be an explanatory post by the moderator at the end of the thread. Be aware that threads are sometimes temporarily locked while posts are being removed (see "Splitting," below).

"Splitting" of a forum thread / topic

This refers to the removal of certain posts from a thread, while leaving the rest intact. This is usually done to remove off-topic or otherwise undesirable posting in a thread which is still active. If this has been carried out, there will be an explanatory post by the moderator, stating that posts have been removed and the reasons, e.g. "Thread tidied, please stay on topic."

Deletion of a thread / topic

In the rare event of an entire thread being removed, the original poster will be informed via PM. Anyone else can ask for an explanation by sending a PM to a moderator. Please do not start another topic, asking for a explanation to why a previous topic has been deleted!

Explanations of Moderator's Actions

As stated previously, if any of these actions have been carried out with no explanation given, the relevant parties are entitled to ask for one. We would prefer all requests of this nature to be sent using the PM system. Likewise, if you disagree with a moderator's actions, you may make a request for further explanation or a complaint. These must be done using the PM system. If you would like to escalate your complaint, please send a Private Message to Staff Group.

Sanctions for Inappropriate Behaviour

If you continually break the Gaming Scotland rules, and moderation fails to change your behaviour, you will start to receive notice that you may soon receive an official warning.

Official conduct warning

These are sent via PM, by any moderator, after an agreement with other moderators has been reached. You only get two, and they are your indication that you will be banned if your behaviour does not change.

Temporary Ban (Suspension)

If you have paid no heed to the Official PM warnings above, you will receive a temporary ban (suspension) from Gaming Scotland , which includes all facets of the organisation (i.e. you will not be able to attend any LAN parties or any other official Gaming Scotland organised events). You will be informed of the ban and its duration by e-mail.

Permanent Ban

After you return from your temporary ban, you will be considered "on parole" for a period of time. If your behaviour shows no signs of improvement, despite continued forum moderation, a decision may be taken to permanently ban you from Gaming Scotland.

Other reasons for an account or user being permanently banned include being obviously ill-intentioned, e.g. hackers (like our beloved Josť) and bots, and also users who have engaged in serious misconduct at an event. The latter will be informed of their ban at the event in question, or soon afterwards by e-mail. This would only ever be undertaken in extreme cases.

You will be permanently banned from all facets of the organisation. This includes all events, forums, servers any any other service offered by Gaming Scotland. This also includes any joint venture between Gaming Scotland and another service provider.

Any ban relates to an individual - not an account. If you are banned and creat a new Gaming Scotland account - this account will also be banned.

Website, Forum and IRC rules

  1. Only one account per person is permitted.
    1. If you forget your username or password, use the 'forgotten password?' link below the login form, or contact a This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  2. All posts must be made in English;
    1. Do not use "l33tspeak"excessively - this is acceptable on occasion for comedy effect.
    2. Do not use slang excessively - again, this is acceptable on occasion for comedy effect.
    3. No not use offensive language excessively - swearing is not against the rules, but excessive use of it is.
    4. Try your best to write you posts as clearly as possible, using correct grammar and spelling. Bad spelling and grammar is not against the rules per se, but it helps with clear communication, and nobody likes reading lazy English!
  3. Post your comment / question in the appropriate forum.
  4. If you are asking a question, check to see if it has not already been asked by using the search feature.
  5. Use an appropriate subject line for all new topics.
    1. Summarise your post briefly in the subject, and elaborate in the message itself.
    2. Do not use all caps and do not add false information just to get attention (e.g. read this or you will be arrested).
    3. An example of a bad subject would be "HELP ME". A good subject might be, "My computer crashes when Windows loads".
    4. Do not use a URL as a thread title.
  6. Include as much information as you can when seeking help. This may include logs and command line output. Nobody will be able to help you if you don't give sufficient detail.
    1. When a problem is resolved, edit your original posts's title to include SOLVED somewhere
    2. When somebody helps you, it's courtesy to say thank you. Everyone likes to be thanked when they've put the time and effort into helping somebody else.
    3. When you resolve a problem, post the solution. This will dispense your newfound knowledge on the community, and will help anyone else in the future.
  7. Make sure you have read the parent article / post completely before posting a reply
  8. Use your own words. If you wish to use the words of somebody else, quote them, citing the source. Plagiarism is unethical and is illegal.
  9. Do not discuss illegal activities. We operate in the UK and our servers are hosted in the UK. Please do not expose us to any unnecessary legal liability.
    1. Do not link to illegal downloads or discuss how to to obtain them (this also applies to the PM system).
    2. Do not link to sites or discuss how to obtain illegal drugs.
  10. Do not link to or post offensive or inappropriate material
    1. Do not link to or post sexually explicit material or nudity of any nature. As a guide, anything which would not be shown on television before the 9pm watershed should not be posted
    2. Do not link to or post excessive violence and dangerous behavior. As a guide Jackass-style antics are fine (if you like that sort of thing). "Happy Slapping" and execution videos are not
    3. Do not post inflammatory comments about religion, sectarianism or race.
  11. Posts which do not break the rules, but may not be appropriate for viewing at work should have 'WORK WARNING' placed in the post's title.
  12. Posts which contain 'spoilers' should have 'SPOILER WARNING' placed in the post's title.
  13. You should also use [spoiler][/spoiler] tags to hide spoilers. This means only people who click on your spoiler tag will be able to read what you have written.
  14. Inappropriate use of spoiler tags is not allowed - they should only be used to hide spoilers.
  15. Inappropriate use of size or colour tags is not allowed - use them sparingly and only where appropriate.
  16. No "useless" posts, inflammatory remarks and do not 'hijack
    1. No "Thread Bumping". If you're the last person to post in a thread, and you have something else to add, edit your last post. This of course does not apply if your last post was say, a week ago.
    2. No "Flamewars".
    3. No "Trolling".
    4. No "Spamming".
    5. No "Thread Hijacking".
    6. No one-liners.
  17. Do not post images larger than 800 pixels in width, and 600 pixels in height.
    1. The easiest way to include an image in a post, and to ensure it conforms to the rules is to use the 'add image' in the post certain page. This will create a thumbnail to your image if it's to big
    2. Images which break the 800x600 size limit will be removed, with a link to the image instead
  18. Any member found to deliberately mock Gaming Scotland, public ally or otherwise will be seen to not want to be part of the Gaming Scotland Community, and therefore their membership will be revoked.
    1. Constructive criticism is always welcome but this must be directed at staff, on the Gaming Scotland forums
    2. This rule applies to all forms of communication out with Gaming Scotland.
  19. Advertising without written consent from Gaming Scotland is not allowed.
    1. The exception is other LAN Party Events and LAN Centres - these organisations may only advertise in General LAN Discussion and Suggestions Suggestions forum.
    2. See the Trade Forum rules for more details information.
  20. Do not act as 'backseat moderators'. If you have an issue with another member's posts, please send a private message to a moderator.
  21. Moderators may leave messages in your posts. Please take them seriously. Any editing of moderator notes is not allowed, and those found doing so will receive and instant suspension.

Trade Forum Rules

You should read the following rules before posting on the Trade Forum. These rules are used in conjunction with the the forum rules above. If you have any questions, ask a member of staff.

  1. The trade forum should only be used to by those wishing to announce items they are wanting to buy or sell, and by those wanting to sell or buy those items (if that makes sense).
  2. Contribute to a thread by asking about what's being offered, or by posting links to a review of the item in question.
  3. Do not discuss the price. The PM system should be used as much as possible when conducting business.
  4. Topic titles should include either 'WTB' (want to buy) or 'WTS' (want to sell), followed by a brief description of item you want to sell. For example "WTS - NEC 21" Monitor".
  5. No auctions. Use eBay for auctioning, and post a link back.
  6. If you are posting a link to an eBay item, include "EBAY" in the title.
  7. All posts advertising an item for sale should include;
    1. A description of the item, including what kind of condition the item is in (new, used, broken etc).
    2. If possible, include a picture of the item, preferably of the actual item you own.
    3. The price you are looking to sell / buy the item for.
  8. You cannot sell something you do not have in your immediate possession.
  9. Once an item has been sold, or is no longer available, edit the topic title to include 'SOLD'. A moderator will then lock the topic.
  10. Gaming Scotland accepts no responsibility for any transactions which occur from the use of the Trade Forum. You use the Gaming Scotland Trade Forum entirely at your own risk.
  11. Do not post complaints. The forum is a place for other participants to advertise that they have something to sell and, as such, it provides nothing in the way of protection. If something goes wrong, nobody here can help you.
  12. By posting to the forum, you agree that you have read and fully understood these rules.
  13. You must be a member of Gaming Scotland for longer than one month and have at least ten forum posts before using the trade forum (both buying and selling). If you are new to Gaming Scotland but have friends who meet the criteria, ask them to post for you.

Signature and Avatar Rules

  1. Signatures and Avatars bust abide by the standard forum rules as detailed above.
  2. Avatars should be no larger than 130 pixels in width, and 130 pixels in height, and 50,000 bytes in size.
  3. Signatures should be no larger than 500 pixels in width, and 150 pixels in height, and 110,000 bytes in size.
  4. In addition to a standard signature, you may also have a 'dynamic signature. The most common dynamic signature is the Xfire Signature.
  5. If you use both standard and dynamic signatures, the dynamic signature should be no larger than 50 pixels in height, and 500 pixels in width.
  6. If you don't have a standard signature , you may have a full-sized dynamic signature provided it is no larger than 150 pixels in height and 500 pixels in width.
  7. The maximum number of characters in a signature is 255. Anything above this will simply not work. This includes all code for displaying images within signatures.
  8. To use '[img]' tags in signatures, the image has to be hosted on www.gamingscotland.com. When using an image hosted on another site, you must use HTML.

Event Rules

The following rules are employed at Gaming Scotland Events (LAN Parties or otherwise)

  1. No cheating. If something is a 'gray area', stay clear of it!
  2. If you have a problem with another attendee, please tell a member of staff.
  3. Do not change your assigned seat at an without staff permission.
  4. Due to rules imposed by our venues people are not allowed to VAPE indoors although this can be done out side either of the side doors.
  5. Do not tamper or use other people's equipment without their permission.
  6. Keep your food and drink away from other people's equipment.
  7. Alcohol is permitted to over 18 year-olds only. You may be asked for proof of age. If you are found to be drinking alcohol, and are under the age of 18, you will be permanently banned and your parents will be asked to collect you from the event (even if it's at 2am). For over 18's, please drink responsibly, or you'll get kicked out and we'll get free booze :-). Or we'll make a funny video and post it all over the Internet.
  8. No running or throwing stuff.
  9. Disable file sharing before you arrive at the event. Anyone found to be sharing files will be disconnected from the network until they disable file sharing.
  10. Absolutely no illegal distribution of games in any way.
  11. No pilfering.
  12. No dual monitors are allowed
  13. Each participant should only use 1 ethernet cable per ticket unless they have obtained prior permission from a staff member
  14. Each participant should only have 1 tower and up to 1 laptop not multiple towers
  15. No pornography is to be transferred over the network, or displayed anywhere.
  16. Under 18's must provide a Parental Consent Form for each event they attend.
  17. Friendly banter is good, but bigheaded ego-tripping insults are not. Don't put anyone down because you won a game and they didn't. It's a game, it's fun. Hurtful personal insults aren't fun.
  18. You must always display your ID badge at all times.
  19. There should be no smoking within the venue at any time.
  20. Unpaid spectators should leave the venue before midnight each night, and they should not return before 08:00
  21. Paid spectators should pay their fee before the event, or to a member of staff as soon as possible.