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About Us

Gaming Scotland is a community of gamers who get together regularly to play computer games across a local area network. These events are known as 'LAN Parties'. For more information on LAN Parties, have a look at the 'What is a LAN Party' section of the Website.

Most of the members of Gaming Scotland are from Scotland. Others are further afield.

Our goal is to become the leading force in LAN Parties in the UK.

Gaming Scotland was founded and is run by the remaining staff members from Gumpcom when it became no more in 2010 :(.


Gaming Scotland is different. Having a good time is what we're all about. We're not really into the whole 'Pro-Gaming' or 'Cyber Athlete' thing. We're a chilled-out community who don't take gaming too seriously. Yeah, we play a ton of games, but we're not obsessed with 'being the best'. If you're looking for a fun time playing games, and meeting new people, Gaming Scotland is for you!