Game Nights

We host regular Games Nights within our community. We try to keep games either free or cheap, so we know we can include a lot more people!

What's our next game night?

SCP: Secret Laboratory - 8th August - 7pm

We're playing SCP: Secret Laboratory which is free on steam, you can download it here.

All you need to do is join our Discord through the link here. React to the bot in the #GameNights channel and then show up at the given time. Could not be any easier.

Our next game night

Broken Picture Phone - 21st August - 7pm

Broken Picturephone, the live game where you and your friends create books of drawings and phrases, one page at a time, only being able to see one previous page. Then, everyone experiences each full book together! This game is completely free and played through your web browser. You just need to open up Broken Picture Phone and put the room code in that you'll be given on Discord. Easy peasy.