HomeLAN | Our online LAN Party

7pm, 14th to the 16th of August

HomeLAN is our second online LAN event taking over from our regular LAN party schedule. These are taking place due to the current COVID pandemic as a way to keep everyone having fun and socialising. This event is completely free for the full weekend, this includes mini-tournaments (sorry, no prizes this time) and big games!

So how do I take part?

It honestly couldn't be any easier. All you need to do is join our Discord server here (saying hello is optional). Go into the #HomeLanSignup on the left hand side, click the tick to sign up, which in turn a member of staff will add you to the HomeLan attendees role! This allows for us to mass message all attendees at once without messaging the whole server. Next you'll want to head over to the #HomeLanGames channel where you'll see the list of games we have on offer, you can click the tick next to which one you'd like to play and then you'll be alerted 30 minutes before the game starts. Couldn't be any easier!


To see the schedule please click here


CS:GO, Halo 3 and Rocket League.
Sign up to CS:GO with your team here.
Rocket League will be ran with the in-game brackets/tournament organisation.
Halo 3 tournament still TBC