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What is the Internet Connection like?

Each user has a maximum download bandwidth of 300Kb/s and an upload bandwidth of 10Kb/s. This might not seem a lot but you can get almost everything you need on the local Intranet website anyway, such as patches and drivers. Internet access is provided for general web browsing, instant messaging and downloading files that are not available locally on the Intranet. If you desperately need a large file downloaded, ask a member of staff to either get it for you or temporarily uncap your personal connection.

In addition, some Internet ports are blocked. For example you will find that BitTorrent and other P2P ports are blocked, therefore you will be unable to use software relying on these ports. This is to protect the Internet connection from being flooded by unnecessary traffic.

The network is protected by a high-end and commercial Linux-based firewall. The firewall is hot and it burnt my fingers once :-(

The internet connection is NOT intended for game play. The primary purpose of the connection is to give you a link to the outside world. The connection can become very slow at times and games will can become lag-fests. We'll not stop you from playing internet games though. We just need to make it clear that the internet connection is not for playing games, and you shouldn't complain if you're getting pings of 1000.

Besides, you're at a LAN! Why would you want to play on an internet server anyway?!